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Process and Instrumentation Diagrams

  • Develop P&I Diagrams in conjunction with customers.
  • Select and specify hardware.
  • Prepare ISA type loop drawings.
  • Prepare interconnection drawings.
  • Prepare panel fabrication.
  • Prepare wiring diagrams.

Telemetry System Design and Installation

  • Design and Layout Telemetry System.
  • Perform Radio Site Selection.
  • Select and Specify Hardware-Including RTU's, Radio Equipment, Solar Equipment and Other Communications Hardware.
  • Perform Radio Surveys.
  • Aquire Licensing
  • Construct Telemerty Panels.
  • Provide Custom Installations.

SCADA Systems Design and Implementation

  • Design and Layout Data Collection System.
  • Select and Specify Computer Hardware and Software.
  • Select and Specify PLC and RTU Hardware and Software.
  • Select Field Instruments.
  • Design and Provide Custom Enclosures and Consoles.
  • Provide Database Connectivity.
  • System Reporting of Data Collected.

Networking and Connectivity for Industrial Needs

  • Select and Specify LAN and WAN Equipment.
  • Provide Database Connectivity for Process Data.

PLC and RTU Programming

  • Selection of Correct PLC Hardware and Software for Customer.
  • Custom PLC Programming for Most PLC's.
  • Custom Programming for Various RTU's.

Panel Construction

  • Construction of In House or Customer Designed Panels and MCC Equipment.
  • UL Label Available on Request.
  • Selection of Panel and MCC equipment.
  • Provide Electrical Design for Panels and MCC equipment.
  • Panel and MCC Testing.
  • Field Installation of Equipment.
  • Commissioning Services for Installed Equipment.

Startup Assistance

  • PLC Logic Diagnostics.
  • Control Loop Tuning.
  • Staffed California "Control Systems" P.E.

System Documentation

  • Documentation Services for Installed Systems.
  • Field Wiring Checkout and Repair.
  • As Built Drawings.
  • PLC Annotation for Existing Systems.

Maintainence Services

  • Select and Specify Operator Interface Hardware and Software.
  • Provide Custom Operator Interface Software.