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San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District
Contact: Robert Reiter - District Chief Engineer at 909.387.9222
Sam Fuller - Operations Supervisor at 909.387.9230

City of Los Angeles, Department of Water & Power
Contact: Steve Keef - Senior Hydrographer at 760.873.0244

Eastern Municipal Water District
Contact: Charlie Bachman - District Chief Engineer at 909.699.1862
Contact: Chuck Norberg - Control Technician at 909.699.1895

Irvine Ranch Water District
Contact: Auts Uiga - District Engineer at 949.453.5586
Contact: Ron Crim - Instrumentation Supervisor at 949.453.5795

Southern California Water Agency
Contact: Mike Hernandez - Central District Manager at 562.907.9200x
Contact: Hank Acevis - Water Supply Supervior at 562.907.9200x401
Contact: George Haller -District Electrician at 562.907.9200x409
Contact: Tom Cherry - South West District Manager at 310.767.8200
Contact: John Jones "JJ" - Water Supply Supervior at 310.354.2670
Contact: Dave Storm - District Electrician at 310.263.4141
Contact:  - Orange County District Manager at 714.535.8010
Contact: Brian  - Water Supply Supervior at 714.535.8010
Contact: Mike Jackson - District Electrician at 714.535.8010x306

Orange County Water District - FHQ
Contact: Craig Miller - FHQ Manager at 714.378.3320
Contact: Chris McConaughy - Supervior at 714.378.3328
Contact: Michio Miyake -District Engineer 714.378.3232

City of Orange Contact: Steve Smith - Water Superintendent at 909.798.7502
Contact: Mark Oulette - Water Operations Supervisor at 909.798.7502

Trabuco Canyon Water District
Contact: Bruce Bonner - General Manager at 949.858.0277

City of Colton
Contact: Billy Roth - Wastewater Superintendent at 909.825.4114

City of Redlands
Contact: Steve Dickey - Water Superintendent at 909.798.7502
Contact: Ruben Pasillas - Water Operations Supervisor at 909.798.7502